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Let Me Game in Peace
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NovelLet Me Game in PeaceLet Me Game in Peace
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Chapter 1154 – Singularity Universe station stone
The Planet Devourer experienced already trapped to him. Zhou Wen possessed no decision but to stop on the very idea of teleporting the planet. He teleported to another one environment.
Zhou Wen pressed his palm in the small planet, seeking to teleport it away.
Its entire body was for instance a dark colored hole. Regardless of the sort of compel surged at it, it might be swallowed in the black color golf hole. This obtained nothing at all to do with the potency of the drive. It was the manifestation of the earth Devourer.
Zhou Wen naturally couldn’t allow it to do the way it hoped. He teleported to your little world. The Clown Face mask on his encounter released an unusual atmosphere being the adjoining s.p.a.ce altered.
Chapter 1154: Singularity Universe
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Since this Fact Energy Craft is termed Sky-Stealing Sunlight-Swapping, there’s absolutely no reason why it can’t s.h.i.+feet a little planet… Sun-Swapping…
On the other hand, study was ultimately study. Since he was stuck, he could only think about it without filling out any affirmation. Hence, Zhou Wen didn’t determine he was perfect.
Whenever the Singularity Universe sophisticated to your Terror level, it could only transfer such a miniature planet. The size of a compact earth was about the actual size of a mountain. It had been far substandard to Globe. It was actually most likely not that easy to change it using a genuine world.
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Zhou Wen landed with a small earth and attempted to use the potency of Singularity Universe to teleport the small environment to a different one site.
Zhou Wen could only teleport with Banana Fairy to dodge the environment Devourer’s suction since he pondered around a strategy to get rid of it.
However, exploration was ultimately exploration. As he was stuck, he could only ponder over it without filling out any verification. Consequently, Zhou Wen didn’t determine he was right.
Zhou Wen imagined himself traveling with World in the world.
In the Singularity Universe, two stars illuminated up. As being the palms Zhou Wen designed to click on the small world developed spatial variances, the total environment seemed to be impacted.
However, the final result wasn’t that immediate. While the legend corresponding to your little environment during the Singularity Universe kept flickering, there had been no activity.
Zhou Wen sensed a frustration happen. A dimensional creature by using a black colored spot entire body couldn’t be seriously hurt by normal factors. It may be unproductive however potent the invasion was.
No wonder it could possibly devour planets…
Since I can’t satiate it, I’ll starve it to loss of life.
Having said that, on very careful thinking, it probably wasn’t so easy.
Zhou Wen thought that since Earth Devourer had been a dimensional creature, undoubtedly it couldn’t devour topic indefinitely. Thus, if he can use these modest planets to “feed” it, he may have a chance of finis.h.i.+ng it well.
Zhou Wen glanced in the our blood-tinted avatar’s data and discovered that the Terror transformation condensed via the Sky-Stealing Direct sun light-Swapping Art was called Singularity World. It turned out also an S-quality Terror change.
It’s indeed effective!
Inside the Singularity World, two celebrities illuminated up. Being the fingers Zhou Wen used to click upon the tiny world created spatial variances, your entire environment appeared to be affected.
No wonder it can devour planets…
Sad to say, he quickly seen that even though Clown Mask was powerful spatially, it was actually still too hard to teleport a small earth far off.
In the Singularity World, two superstars lit up. As the hands and wrists Zhou Wen designed to click on the tiny earth generated spatial fluctuations, the complete planet seemed to be influenced.
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Holy sh*t, it actually performs. Then am i allowed to swap Globe with some other planets in the real world? Permit Earth leave the Milky Way?
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On the other hand, Zhou Wen soon saw that his notion was ridiculously completely wrong. Right after the Planet Devourer devoured the tiny world, but not only did it not show any signs of being ‘satiated,’ but the selection and suction compel of your black color golf hole improved.
The Environment Devourer had expended a lot of electricity. It suddenly ceased chasing after Zhou Wen and instead hurried towards a small, nearby world. Obviously, it needed to devour the small earth to replenish its vitality.
The singularity was the starting of the universe, in addition to the eternity of your world. It appeared for instance a level, but on the inside, it appeared to be a bank world with plenty of personalities rotating.
Holy sh*t, it genuinely works. Then can one trade World with planets in person? Simply let World keep the Milky Way?
However, he quickly seen that while the Clown Face mask was impressive spatially, it was subsequently still too difficult to teleport a compact world distant.

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