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Dragon King's Son-In-Law

NovelDragon King’s Son-In-LawDragon King’s Son-In-Law
Chapter 411 suck greedy
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The 361st chess item!
Hao Ren had been a.s.approved to fight within the Qiu Fen Market, which has been the one Lu Qi just battled in .
The 361st chess bit!
Hao Ren employed his method . The 160 vibrant sword energies shot from his rear, and in addition they floated beside Hao Ren .
Hao Ren shouted out once more calmly . The sword energies encircling Lu Qi suddenly united and developed an internet, highlighting white-colored mild .
There were clearly substantially more cultivators throughout the Qiu Fen Arena than those who traveled to observe the Kun-amount cultivators .
Lu Qi shook his chess table .
Primary, there had been 160 dark sword energies, and after that there had been 160 white colored sword energies . The strength of 320 snapping shots sword energies was way better compared to the small chess sections .
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Zhao Yanzi endured where she was she was even more indecisive than before .
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Hao Ren’s sword energies slowly purified after surf and waves of trembling .
Zhao Yanzi withstood next to the lavish industry . She searched to her eventually left and to her proper, hesitating on whose struggle to see .
Hao Ren was a.s.agreed upon to fight inside the Qiu Fen Market, which has been the main one Lu Qi just battled in .
Zhao Yanzi withstood where she was she was much more indecisive than prior to .
The Vermilion Pet bird Table was actually a dharma jewel which often can both equally invasion and protect . The chess bits could infiltration, as well as table could shield .
Lu Qi was really the only relax one since he understood that Hao Ren’s process was going to be in this way .
“Yujia, I gifted one half of your Heart and soul Replenishment Products to Zi’s next granddad,” Hao Ren explained after he walked over to Zhao Hongyu and everyone in addition .
Zhao Yanzi shouted in thrills when she observed Zhao Kuo .
The Vermilion Parrot Table take out a ray of black colored mild out of the blue in the handle of many chess items .
The inspectors returned with their a.s.signed vicinity in a buzz there was clearly absolutely no way that they could do anything relating to the order around Qiu Fen Arena!
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The Vermilion Pet bird Board’s chess portions offered out a ray of heated up lighting, and many types of the surrounding cultivators observed a robust electricity .
Growth! Increase!
Added to that, Lu Qi presented his natal dharma jewel in his palm it was actually an additional chess board!
Xie Yujia smiled lightly at this particular considered, “It’s alright . You may have enough eventually left anyways . “
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The flame ingredient how the Vermilion Parrot Rocks entailed was as effective when the Samadhi Real Fire!
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Currently, Zhao Kuo glimpsed around from Li Xia Field . He withstood proudly looking at a blaze-elemental Kun-amount cultivator .
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On top of that, Lu Qi held his natal dharma treasure on his palm it was another chess board!
Hao Ren had an in-depth inhalation and considered the group round the market . Then, he shouted, “You need to!”
Hao Ren withstood facing Lu Qi inside the Qiu Fen World, four to five arenas off the Li Xia Industry . Both Hao Ren and Zhao Kuo made sword energies .
Hao Ren had an in-depth inhale and looked at the audience across the market . Then, he shouted, “Make sure you!”
Lu Qi’s chess table dharma treasure was thoroughly put make use of, plus it was tough to fend versus . If Hao Ren didn’t have sword energies, he would never be capable to shield themself with just one or two dharma treasures!
When Lu Qi fought Hao Ren from the golf club place backside at East Seas College or university, he didn’t apply his complete drive since he was concerned about destructive the cla.s.sroom . He didn’t know anything at all about Hao Ren’s methods because it was their primary combat possibly, and he also overlooked Hao Ren . Which had been why he lost double .
“It’s indeed the Dark-colored H2o Scroll once more!” Lu Qi was prepared for this . He slightly shook the chess board, along with the fire immediately covered up Hao Ren . He knew that Hao Ren became a liquid-elemental dragon cultivator, and also the Dark-colored Water Browse was the most authentic and relatively highly effective method amongst all drinking water-elemental techniques . Hence, it was actually not surprising at all .

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