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Chapter 80 Results tank exchange
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Yu Rou nodded and retrieved her Soul Waver.
Yuan also recorded out shortly later.
Yuan aimed to increase oftentimes without having improvement until Yu Rou sent back using the foods.
The moment they were definitely exterior, Yuan retrieved his traveling by air sword and jumped onto it with Yu Rou in his hands.
Yu Rou proceeded to walk for the reason that route with broad strides, obviously impatient to experience her new competency.
“Anyway, how did it go? Have been you in the position to discover the method?”
Xiao Hua nodded, plus they descended to the ground a moment down the road.
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“That’s due to the fact only monsters above seventh level Nature Apprentice decrease them,” he responded. “Did I get that correct, Xiao Hua?” he required her should.
“Impurities…?” Yu Rou heightened her eye-brows. Precisely what does that even signify?
“Reduce, Yu Rou. The monsters aren’t really going just about anywhere,” Yuan thought to her with a smile right after seeing her enthusiasm.
“Breeze Blade!”
The Princess Consort Has A Lethal Destiny
Whenever the Red-eyed Fox spotted this, it immediately turned around and happened to run absent.
“In which will it be?” Yu Rou requested as soon as they landed.
“Uwa… Isn’t this approach like… a touch too powerful?” Yu Rou recognized this just after she experienced just how the monster nearly erupted to a b.l.o.o.d.y chaos.
Yuan nodded, “Fine, just where do you need to go?”
And for the up coming couple of hours, until eventually it was time for dinner, Yu Rou would search monsters continuously utilizing her Force of the wind Blade whilst Xiao Hua encouraged her around the forests.
“Hm? Oh yeah, it’s absolutely nothing.” Yuan claimed, not happy to let her know about trying to increase in the real world just yet— a minimum of not right up until he confirms which it really works and he’s not simply losing their mind.
“You have the effects currently, Physician w.a.n.g? Which has been more quickly than I’d antic.i.p.ated,” Yu Rou thought to him.
However, as this is Yu Rou’s newbie using the ability as well as the Spirit Waver, her aim was way off goal, skipping the Red-eyed fox using a very long shot.
The Wind Blade does a peculiar convert during the surroundings just before hovering right into a shrub and doing damage to it easily.
“No, it’s excellent. There’s practically nothing I could do in this region in such a short time, anyways.”
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“Brother… When do you come out? I didn’t allow you to wait very long, perfect?” she required him.
“10 minutes remaining?!” Her eyes widened with shock just after seeing that it’d used her nearly 10 several hours to master a particular Mortal-get ranking strategy.
“Wind flow Blade!”
“Impurities…?” Yu Rou brought up her eye brows. Just what does that even signify?
Force of the wind Blade
The Force of the wind Blade managed a strange change within the atmosphere ahead of traveling into a tree and doing damage to it with ease.
“That’s a Reddish-eyed Fox. They can be nimble but vulnerable. When you don’t attack it with all your initially affect, you won’t possess a 2nd possibility because it will try to escape,” Xiao Hua claimed inside of a very low speech.
Yuan nodded, “Okay, just where do you want to go?”
Mastery Point: 1
“Great! Then let’s go!” Yu Rou stated.
“Un. Farewell, Buddy Yuan.” Xiao Hua said to him before vanishing in the pendant.

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